Historical drama set in the Guaraní Jesuit Reductions (1609/1768), adaptation of the book "Sepé Tiarajú, el romance de los siete pueblos de las misiones", by Alcy Cheuiche. It is told from the native point of view, through the life of the leader Sepé Tiarajú, the story tells about the collapse of the Guaraní Jesuit Missions.

Producer Bio

Cinematográfica Pampeana is based in Porto Alegre, RS, Brazil. It has produced six feature films, Time Without Glory (1984), October Moon (1997), Campestre Concert (2004), Danube (2010), Tales Gauchescos (2012) and Zoravia (2018), in addition to the television series Porteira Aberta of 36 episodes and aired on TVE / RS in 2004 and 2005. It brings together the career of Director, Producer and Screenwriter Henrique de Freitas Lima (Sobradinho, RS, 1959), one of the main Brazilian directors based in the south of the country.

PAMPA FILMS (Argentina) was created in 2006 with the aim of producing films of different genres, destined both to transcend at the Argentine box office and to access the main international markets for audiovisual content. Since then, it has dedicated itself to the national and international production and co-production of feature films with original content for film and television.

Feature film
100 minutos
Directed by:
Henrique de Freitas Lima
Pedro Zimmermann and Henrique de Freitas Lima
Henrique de Freitas Lima (Cinematográfica Pampeana) and Juan Pablo Buscarini (Pampa Films)
Brasil (Río Grande del Sur) and Argentina (Buenos Aires)
In progress