A dead family investigates their own crime.

Producer Bio

Picante is a Paraguayan film and advertising production company founded in 2016 by Javier Arroyo (advertising director and director of photography) and Andrea Gandolfo (cinematographic and advertising editor), joined a year later by Tania Cattebeke (screenwriter and director of films and advertising). The production company specializes in high-level advertising, with important brands (TIGO, Personal, Itaú, Pilsen, Brahma, Colgate, among others) and in contents, both own productions and co-productions.

Its first production will be released soon, "Veo Veo", a fiction short film directed by Tania Cattebeke; in addition to be an associate producer of the fiction feature "Matar a un Muerto" by Hugo Gímenez and "Orsai" by Emiliano Gomez.

Throughout his professional career, Hernán Pulido (Buenos Aires, 1970), has worked as producer, director, photography director, cameraman, screenwriter and actor. Among his latest works for film and TV are: producer and director of "Amigos", documentary short film exhibited at the II Festival de Cannes de Discapacidad (2017), director for SAGAI, documentary and fiction, "Teatro Crear Valor Audiovisual" (2018-2019). Currently, he is working in the production of the documentary N.U.M.

Ivana Urízar works in audiovisual production since 2006, specializing in film production in recent years. She has produced short films, television shows, documentaries, her most recent experiences being the feature films “Las Herederas” (Marcelo Martinessi, 2018), “Los Buscadores” (Maneglia-Schembori, 2017) and “Matar a un Muerto” (Hugo Giménez, 2019).

Fiction Miniseries / Fantastic Realism
10 episodes
Directed by:
Jorge Ponce Betti
Pedro Sedlinsky, Joselo Bella and Jorge Ponce Betti
Hernán Pulido, Ivana Urízar and Productora Picante (Py)
Paraguay - Argentina
In progress