Marisa Duarte is a trans woman who has recorded countless facts in her memory. Together with Tomás, the author of this piece, they seek to organize these events in the form of stories, moving from one place to another around her memory to fill those empty spaces to form a picture of who she was and who she is nowadays.

Producer Bio

Juan José Pereira (Paraguay) and Tomás Faiman (Argentina) met when studying the Image and Sound Design career at the Facultad de Arcitectura, Diseño y Urbanismo at the Universidad de Buenos Aires. In 2016, they created the audiovisual production company Grupo Daria, driven by the interest of investigating the boundaries between reality and fiction, the intimate and the private. They consider that audiovisual representation is a way of communicating certain outbreaks of society, to which they pay special attention.

Since then, they produce short and feature films, audiovisual content for TV and cinema, both documentary and fiction, in both of their countries. 

They are currently working on the documentary feature “Templo Vacío”, in Colonia Santa Isabel, town of Sapucai (Cordillera department, Paraguay); project winner of the Premio Lumiere in Asunción, Paraguay, an initiative of the Alianza Francesa of Asunción, with the support of the Fondo Nacional de la Cultura y de las Artes. This prize consists of a documentary film training grant at the film school: La Femis, Paris, France.

Documentary Feature
80 minutes
Directed by:
Tomás Faiman
Juan José Pereira
Paraguay - Argentina
In progress