Drags queens, women, diverse childhoods, feminist militants, trans people and midwives with ancestral wisdom tell how they build new models of families and socio-affective communities where people are chosen lovingly to create new homes, emotional support and bonding forms.

Producer Bio

Rosario Fernández Arias is a Social Communicator graduated from UBA and she is part of Carambola Cine production company (Corrientes). She has worked in documentaries, series, short and feature film productions, as assistant director, screenwriter and producer. She worked in the feature film "Un Gauchito Gil", winner of the Concurso Federal Raymundo Gleyzer, which premiered at the International Film Festival of India (IFFI GOA 2018). Currently, besides carrying out the “Otros Mundos” project, she works as a producer and screenwriter in the Tattoo Mulita series, winner of the Concurso Federal de Desarrollo y Producción de Series Cortas (INCAA 2019).

Series documentary
Poetic 8x14'
Directed by:
Julia Elena Zarate
Marina Edith Barreto
Rosario Fernández Arias
Argentina (Chaco)
In progress/Winner of the Concurso Federal de Desarollo y Producción de Series Cortas 2019 of INCAA / Creación Grant of the Fondo Nacional de las Artes.