Mundialito is a documentary about the national soccer teams of minor relevance of Argentina and Paraguay, which face in an historical final.

Producer bio

Tekoha Audiovisual is a production company based in Paraguay dedicated to integral production services for television and film in the national and international market. Since 2007, it develops artistic, pedagogical and cultural products. Nowadays, it focuses in backing cinematographic projects, outsourced production for television and audiovisual channels for non-governmental organizations (NGOs), foundations and cooperatives.

The production company Koldra (Corrientes) holds award-winning creations in the last 10 years. It stands out by its new and moving stories, with a deep sense of diversity and incorporation into new languages of high aesthetic perfection that respond to the highest standards of technical and artistic quality required internationally.

Documentary Feature
70 minutes
Directed by:
Marcel Czombos (Argentina) and Juan Carlos Lucas (Paraguay)
Marcel Czombos and Juan Carlos Lucas
Lara Decuzzi (Koldra, Argentina) and Sofía Paoli (Tekoha, Paraguay)
Argentina (Corrientes)
In progress