The Mainumby documentary is a hybrid, partly documentary and partly stop motion animation, about the situation faced by sexually abused girls when they become mothers and the stigma they carry after starting to live a life they did not choose.

Producer Bio

Estefanía is an Architect graduated from the Universidad Nacional de Asución (FADA-UNA) and has a Master in Cinematographic Art Direction from the ESCAC (Spain). In 2007, she started working in the production of television commercials for the company Maneglia Schémbori Realizadores and worked there for more than 4 years as Production Manager of the feature film “7 Boxes”. In that film, she fulfilled several roles and the experience she gained there was the most rewarding one so far in the field of film production.

She worked on the award-winning feature “Luna de Cigarras”, as production assistant, production manager and executive producer. She has worked as a professor of Cinematographic Art Direction at Universidad Columbia del Paraguay (2015-2018). In 2019, she was production manager in “Pedro Juan 2 caballeros” and associate producer in “Cadete Amarilla, mi hijo”.

Now, she works as art director of advertising spots and produces her own projects.

Documentary Feature
70 minutes
Directed by:
Patricia Aguayo Royg
Estefanía Ortiz R
In progress