Livio offers human sacrifices to the underworld, he has perverted a goblin to be his executioner until Martin, one of his accomplices, helps three victims flee. Through the bush and closely followed by the assassin goblin, they will end up cornered, but the goblin will recover his power and his memory, rescuing Martin and taking revenge on Livio.

Producer Bio

The Centro de Capacitación Profesional (CECAP) is a civil association from Formosa, Argentina, which since 2015 has an audiovisual area run by the journalist and producer, Alejandro Vallejos. Since then, it has won the last three calls of FOMECA, with the following projects: “Ñande Bichos” (microseries TV show for children, 2015), winner of the Martín Fierro Federal 2017 in the “Infantil TV” category; “Por humor a Formosa” (Weekly TV show, Humor, 2016) and “La ventana mágica” (microseries TV show for children, 2017). Likewise, each member of CECAP has participated in different audiovisual productions individually, being “Peregrinar Sombrío”, the first cinematographic experience that will bring together technicians and actors for a purely Formosean super production, with a strong regional imprint.

Horror feature film
70 minutes
Directed by:
Leandro Vallejo
Juan Olmedo
Alejandro Vallejo
Argentina (Formosa)
In progress