Chami, an 11-year-old boy from Lebanese origin on his father's side, looks for his origins and this leads him to discovering his family origins in Chuí and to a trip to Foz do Iguaçu with Teodoro, his elderly best friend.

Producer Bio

Mariana Mêmis Müller is an executive producer of Epifania Filmes, a company with nine years in the market. Among its main productions, there are the first RBSTV international fiction TV series, "Sapore d'Italia" (2010), "Bocheiros" TV series (TVE, 2013) and the documentary "Dormentes do Tempo" (2010). The award-winning short films "Ignácio e Saldanha" (2012), "Memórias em Sal de Prata" (2014) and "Horas" (2016). Her first feature film was the documentary “Filme Sobre um Bom Fim” (2015). In 2018, she released the documentary films “A Vida Extra-Ordinária de Tarso de Castro” (co-production with Coelho Voador, Boulevard Filmes and Anti Filmes ) and "Pra Ficar na História" (co-production with GloboNews) and, for 2020, the feature films “Disforia” by Lucas Cassales (co-production with Sofá Verde Filmes) and "Portuñol" (co-production with GloboNews, Globo Filmes e Vulcana Cinema). She is a co-producer in the “Festival de Roteiro Audiovisual de Porto Alegre” since its first edition in 2013.

Feature film/Drama
100 minutos
Directed by:
Cacá Nazário
Gibran Dipp
Mariana Müller
Brasil (Río Grande del Sur)
In progress