160 years ago, Paraguay was about to go to war simultaneously with two powerful nations of the time, England and the United States. In the middle of this crossroads, a man whose name has been erased from history appears: José Antequera.

Producer Bio

ContAR Contenidos Audiovisuales is the company of the delegated producer, Ray Armele, who has extensive experience in film and television. His works include "Experimento sicológico" (1985), "El secreto de la señora" (Hugo Gamarra, 1989), "Miss Ameriguá" (Luis R. Vera, 1994), "El toque del oboe" (Claudio McDowell, 1997 ), "Verdad oculta" and "Carimea" (2007). In 2018, he leaded the rescue of some lost movie news from 1948 and makes the documentary "Memoria" about this process. 

OtromundO Audiovisual is a Paraguayan production company dedicated to cinema and advertising. Among its ventures we find Kili Films, a business unit developed for the creation of its own contents, such as movies, documentaries, short films and series. In addition to the Antequera series, we find the animated feature “Alas de Gloria” with funds from the IDB, CIRD and FONDEC, currently in pre-production. 

Lemon Cine is a company dedicated to the rental of cinematographic equipment and involved in the development of production projects. It has a great variety of cameras, lights, sound, accessories. 

This company owned by Brazilian scriptwriter Luis Felipe Comparato was created in 2009 and since then it develops activities related to the writing of scripts and cinematographic and television projects in Brazil, Colombia, Mexico and several countries in Europe.

TV series / Drama / Espionage / Historical
10 episodes
Doc Comparato and Ray Armele
Otro Mundo Audiovisual, Lemon Cinema and ContAR Contenidos Audiovisuales (Py) - Felipe Produções (Br)
Paraguay - Brasil
In progress