Paraguay, a land of audiovisual opportunities and businesses.

The audiovisual field in Paraguay has been growing at a constant pace thanks to the efforts of professionals and unions that carry out actions to generate conditions to make more and better services and productions possible.

Law for the Promotion of the Audiovisual Industry was passed in 2018, resulting on the creation of the Instituto Nacional del Audiovisual Paraguayo (INAP) and a fund to promote the entire value chain of the industry.

During 2019, audiovisuals have been acknowledged as an industry by the Ministerio de Industria y Comercio. In addition, the sector works closely with the Unidad de Gestión de la Presidencia de la República, the Oficina de la Primera Dama and is in solid relationship with the Dirección del Audiovisual de la Secretaría Nacional de Cultura.

Also, the chance of creating a Film Commission which can work together with cities of the region is being carried out.

All of this takes place in a production context of three to four films per year, which have already won several prizes of worldwide importance, from Hamaca Paraguaya (Paraguayan Hammock) at Cannes, 7 Cajas (7 Boxes) at San Sebastián, to the recent The Heiresses (Las Herederas) at Berlinale, which shows the quality of professional, artistic, technological and technical resources.

Paraguay is ready to become a partner as a service provider, as a co-producer and as a player in the Latin American region, given the extra fact that the country offers very low tax and social burdens.

The Paraguayan Organizations members of the NETWORK are part of the Multisectoral Bureau of Audiovisual and founders of the Federation of Creative Industries, key representation spaces to promote the progressing actions of the Paraguayan audiovisual industry.