Consolidation of the audiovisual activity in Misiones

For 35 years, Misiones audiovisual sector has been promoting local production, professional partnerships and a regional identity consolidation. Since the creation of the Sistema Provincial de Teleducación y Desarrollo (SiPTeD) in the mid-80s, the Province has been enhancing audiovisuals as a cultural and pedagogical tool, as well as the area professionalization and regional cooperation for educational purposes.

Likewise, Misiones audiovisual workers, through collaborative experiences, made possible the creation of the “Oberá en Cortos” Short Films Festival (established in 2004): a space to join forces and combined actions between filmmakers and groups from the province and the region.

During this process, the implementation of the Programa Polos Audiovisuales Tecnológicos (a public policy that conducted actions for the implementation of the TV Digital Terrestre -TDA- in Argentina) had a central role. The operation of the Nodo Misiones provided an ideal scenario for many activity members to meet, acknowledge each other and draw up agreements and strategies to achieve the creation of an audiovisual promotion law.

The sector, conformed by associations and networks, proposed discussion panels at festivals and public events, carrying out four Audiovisual Public Policy Forums in the House of Representatives of the Province, where panels and boards took place, and the law project was drafted and discussed.

In 2014, Law VI 171 on Audiovisual Promotion of Misiones was passed, being one of the first Argentine provinces to have its own legislation and a provincial Institute with a model of co-governance with members of the audiovisual sector, unions, universities and the Provincial Executive Power.

Since its creation, the Instituto de Artes Audiovisuales de Misiones (IAAviM) has implemented policies to promote audiovisual production, training, literacy in educational and communal fields, conservation of audiovisual heritage and the development of a projection screens circuit.

In this context, in 2018, the total cash movement generated by the eight productions filmed in Misiones was $26,824,603 Argentine Pesos, with contributions from the Instituto Nacional de Cine y Artes Audiovisuales (INCAA), the Government of the Province channeled by the Instituto de Artes Audiovisuales de Misiones, and the Fondo de Crédito de Misiones, and private entities.

In the context of participatory management and in search of generating connections that favor filming in the provincial territory, different collaboration agreements with national and international entities have been consolidated, with strong support in the region delimited by the three borders.

Some of the most relevant agreements signed by the IAAviM with Brazil and Paraguay are: the Sindicato de la Industria Audiovisual de Santa Catarina “SANTACINE”, the Asociación Cultural PANVISION – both of them organizers of Florianópolis Audiovisual Mercosul (FAM), IECINE, Secretaría de Cultura del Departamento Central, Paraguay; CAMPRO, Academia de Cine, CineCable, Consulado Argentino de Minas Gerais, NordesteLab, among others.

The permanent conversation between audiovisual creators unified by their similar realities, visions and needs, enhances a growing field. The federalization in decision-making, the equitable distribution of resources of national policies and the strengthening of co-productions in the region, are common interests to those who are part of the EntreFronteras Network of Audiovisual Cooperation nowadays.