The Audiovisual Market is the meeting point of the region

The EntreFronteras Audiovisual Market is organized by the EntreFronteras Network of Audiovisual Cooperation, a civil association that brings together workers’ organizations, companies and government entities to promote audiovisuals in the Argentine NEA, southern Brazil and eastern Paraguay.

The Network’s strength relies on our shared history, our common culture and the promotion of audiovisual public policies in the region, as the result of constant meetings, talks and the analysis and development of proposals that share collective interests.

The Network’s goal, according to its Constitutive Act, “is to provide comprehensive support to the sector by facilitating favorable conditions for developing audiovisual activity, in all its dimensions, in the region between borders”.

Among its overall objectives are, “creating diverse joint action lines working under a complementarity, exchange and mutual collaboration agreement in all those academic, professional, social, commercial and cultural activities that organizations agree to carry out under their respective concerns and interests”.

A key background element in the creation of the Network of Audiovisual Cooperation was the exchange and bonding experience that took place between 2007 and 2013 during the EntreFronteras Forum. It has been sponsored by RECAM (Reunión Especializada de Autoridades Cinematográficas del Mercosur) since its beginning, from which the co-production project “Parcerías EntreFronteras” emerged.

Since its creation, the Network began to work in common projects to promote audiovisual productions from the region. The trinational presence in festivals from the region has been consolidated over the years. The last event they carried out was the first edition of “CoCine EntreFronteras”, a film and gastronomy experience, which took place on 18-21 April 2019, at the IMAX del Conocimiento in Posadas, and showed cinematography from Misiones, Asunción, Porto Alegre and Euskadi as guest country.

This event allowed the region’s productions to be screened, the recognition of a history that unites us and the appreciation of cultural diversity through the projected films and their interpretation by signature cuisine.

Network Members


  • Festival de Cinema de Santa María (RS-BR)
  • Instituto Estadual de Cinema -IECINE- (RS-BR)  
  • Festival Guácaras (Corrientes, AR)
  • Escuela Nacional de Experimentación Cinematográfica sede NEA ENERC
  • Curso de Cinema da UNISUL (SC-BR)
  • Mesa Multisectorial del Audiovisual de Paraguay (PY)
  • UNAM Transmedia (AR)
  • Red Argentina de Documentalistas -RAD- (AR)
  • Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes “Oberá en Cortos. por la identidad y diversidad cultural” (AR)
  • 3 Margens: Festival Latino-Americano de Cinema (PR-BR)
  • Cooperativa de Realizadores Audiovisuales de Formosa -RAF- (AR)
  • Federación Audiovisual Argentina -FAVA- (AR)

Goals of the EntreFronteras Audiovisual Market

  • Promoting cooperation and co-production.
  • Promoting sustainability and business strategies in the creative economies sector.
  • Promoting the region as a shooting destination.
  • Promoting the integration of Festivals organized by Network members.
  • Promoting the exhibition and distribution of audiovisual products in the region.
  • Establishing alliances with governmental, private, local, national and international entities.

Argentine NEA

Consolidación de la actividad audiovisual en Misiones

Eastern Paraguay

Paraguay un país de oportunidades y negocios audiovisuales

South of Brasil

Un polo de la industria audiovisual que amplía la economía creativa